676 East Walker Street, Orland, Ca. 95963
P: 530.865.1145
F: 530.865.4797

The Council

Composition of Council

By law, the Council membership is divided into five categories:

  • 20% consumers of child care
  • 20% child care providers
  • 20% public agency representatives
  • 20% community representatives
  • 20% discretionary appointments

The Council is comprised of ten appointed members:

  • Five are appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Five are appointed by the Superintendent of Schools

Become a Council Member

You can apply to become a member of the Local Child Care Planning Council (LPC) by filling out a membership application. To support meeting participation, the LPC provides child care providers and child care consumer members $40 per meeting to cover the costs of child care, mileage and other substitute expenses (if they are not being paid by another source).

Click a link to view and download documents:

     Council membership application:

     Get Involved! flyer - share it with people who might be interested

Council Meetings

The public is invited to attend monthly Council meetings:

  • First Tuesday of the month
  • 1-3pm
  • 676 East Walker Street, Orland, CA 95963

The monthly meetings are held to:

  • conduct on-going comprehensive planning for child care and development needs in Glenn County
  • expand coordination of child care services
  • advocate for child care services

Participants discuss aspects of child care planning, and guest speakers present information on various topics of interest.

For agendas and minutes, please click here.

Your participation and input are welcome!


Glenn County’s Local Child Care Planning Council

Membership Roster (updated 02/08/16)

Board of Supervisor’s Appointees                 County Superintendent’s Appointees


Public Agency Representatives

Virma Castillo (Exp: 12/01/18)

Glenn County HHSA

PO Box 611

Willows, Ca. 95988


Email: virma.castillo@cws.state.ca.us





Community Representatives

Grinnell Norton (Exp. 3/15/17)

Glenn County Health Services Agency

240 North Villa Avenue

Willows, CA 95988


Email: gnorton@glenncountyhealth.net


David Longaker (Exp. 10/15/17)

2165 Holly Avenue

Chico, CA 95926


Fax- 891-4991

Email: dlongak@wested.org


Child Care Consumer Representatives

Aaston Burrows (Exp. 06/05/15)

Grindstone Indian Rancheria

P.O. Box 63

Elk Creek, CA 95939


Email: gir_enrollment_icwa@yahoo.com


Colleen Ellis (Exp. 04/08/17)

Human Resource Agency

P. O. Box 611-420 E. Laurel

Willows, CA 95988

865-6104 Fax: 865-1179

Email: cellis@hra.co.glenn.ca.us


Child Care Provider Representatives





Margrit Vogelesang (Exp. 1/7/16)

Hamilton High State Preschool Director

P.O. Box 488

Hamilton City, CA 95928


Email: mvogelesang@husdschools.org


Discretionary Representatives





Irma Cuadros (Exp. 5/06/17)

Butte-Glenn Community College

3536 Butte Campus Dr.

Oroville, CA 95965

Tele: 895-2319 Fax:

Email: gonzalez-cuadrosir@butte.edu